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Division of Student Affairs


The Office of Student Affairs Learning and Assessment provides support to departments and programs by:

  • Assisting in assessment design, including finding or developing appropriate instruments
  • Coordinating assessment for maximum efficiency and to avoid SSF:  Student Survey Fatigue
  • Assisting in the analysis and interpretation of assessment data so that it can be USED effectively!
  • Serving as an assessment data clearinghouse
  • Assisting in the creation or clarification of learning objectives
  • Consulting on how to plan with a learning objective focus (vs. activities focus)
  • Collaborating on grant writing by providing assessment support and grant-writing experience
  • Providing presentations on assessment or learning objectives, as requested
  • Co-authoring or co-presenting on assessment or learning outcome-related projects, as requested
  • Facilitating the annual report process
  • Coordinates “The Assessment Group” (TAG), a monthly study group where colleagues teach each other their best practices in assessment, get feedback on assessment projects, and learn about assessment through reading and discussion.  The group is open to all interested staff.
For more information please contact:

Daniel Bureau, Ph.D.
Director, Student Affairs Learning and Assessment
101 Brister Hall
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN  38152
(901) 678-2826

Dr. Bureau's Vita can be found by clicking here

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